Move more to school

Research shows that children travelling actively to school is better for everyone.

It’s about having fun trying out different routes and different methods of travel. You’ll probably find you’ll beat the morning rush hour.

You can meet friends and chat along the way, learn how to cross roads safely, and get a blast of fresh air whatever the weather.

If you have to drive, why not park and stride the last ten minutes? You’ll leave the school entrance clearer and with cleaner air to encourage even more active travel to school.

Health benefits

Walking, cycling or scooting to school improves:

  • physical and mental health, reducing the risk of health issues in later life
  • concentration and behaviour
  • performance in school
  • attendance
  • traffic levels around the school gate making it safer for everyone and improves air quality.

So join the movement and travel to school:

A York primary school has boosted active travel and improved air quality

Even more pupils are moving more and travelling actively to St Oswald’s Primary School to boost local air quality and pupil health…

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