Health and wellbeing

Moving more – a group of women are stretching their backs in the gym

Moving more sounds like extra hassle but it needn’t be – even 10 minutes will make a massive difference – it’s fun, a great way to make friends or meet people, and has so many other benefits. It’s all about finding the right thing for you!

Statistics show people across the country are becoming less active as it gets harder to fit exercise in to everyday lives. Move More York is here to help you work out what fits your life, whether it’s parking further away, chair exercises or using that lunch break to stretch your legs, there really is something for everyone.

Moving more can reduce the risk of conditions such as coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, musculoskeletal conditions and depression, all good reasons to move more and it’s fun too!

The council’s YorWellbeing service offers advice if you’re struggling to get started. Get in touch with them to have a chat and our trained advisers will be able to help