Top tips

We’ll be sharing tips and stories from professionals and the person on the street to help you along your move more journey.  Let us know your top tips by emailing or use #movemoreyork on social media.

The little things all add up, whether it’s parking further away, getting off a stop earlier on the bus or moving whilst sat at your desk.

Here are some tips to help you…

10 top tips to move more

1. Get active in your community

Look for organised activities in your area, like dance classes or a walking group. Try your local leisure centre for ideas.

2. Track your progress

You’ll get a warm glow when you hit your daily target (even if it’s a brisk 10-minute walk!). Keep track with apps like Active 10.

3. Make a good habit

Use the alarm on your phone to set a reminder to get up and move every 30 minutes.

4. Stand up instead of sitting

Try standing when you can instead of sitting, even short periods will add up and improve your strength.

5. Get moving at lunchtime

Go get some fresh air and take the chance to unwind at the same time.

6. Reward yourself

Set yourself activity goals and rewards, like going for a long weekend walk (then treating yourself to a movie afterwards!).

7. Stay active with friends and family on the weekend

Walking is simple, free and one of the easiest ways to get more active. Instead of a coffee catch-up with friends, why not go for a walk?

8. Keep moving all day

Try standing up and moving during TV advert breaks or episodes to help you move more.

9. Take up a hobby

Taking up an active hobby such as gardening and DIY can be great for your wellbeing – it’s fun and you’re sprucing up your home at the same time! It’s amazing the strength you can build from a bit of gardening or DIY.

10. Download ‘Couch to 5K’

The free Couch to 5K app helps you get off the couch and running in just 9 weeks! Grab your trainers and download the app today.