Move more to work

There are lots of ways to make the daily commute healthier, more enjoyable and sometimes, faster, simply by making all or part of the journey on foot or by bike.

It could be as easy as getting off the bus a stop earlier to walk the last 10 minutes to work –10 minutes’ brisk walking counts– or choosing to cycle one or two days a week.

Including movement in your journey to work is a great way to clear your mind ready for the day ahead and can help to improve your concentration once you start work, so why not give it a go?

Did you know that all of our Park & Ride sites have cycle lockers, so you can park up and cycle to your destination? Or you can cycle to the sites and then hop in a bus into the city centre…

Lots of employers provide showers and lockers for staff to freshen up and change into work clothes after cycling, running or walking to work, or at lunchtime. Check out what facilities your organisation has.

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Local cyclist Dan shares his experience

When I started at the hospital, it soon dawned on me that my commute would be a lot quicker if I cycled…

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